03042015: Ultima cena Joe DSilva


150403_paceoutUltima cena di oggi: Joe DSilva

E con questa vi auguro Buona Pasqua.
Opera del fotografo Joe Dsilva, ecco il suo commento:

Good artists copy, great artists steal.
— Pablo Picasso.

When I went to the biennale, I had no photographic expectations. For most part I didn’t expect to pull out my camera. That didn’t deter me from lugging it around though. I would rather that I am not sorry for leaving it behind. I don’t understand contemporary art. And I figure from some of the loud esclamations, that majority of the “patrons” had no clue either. Neverthless, a few of the installations were captivating. I am a strong proponent of the view that contemporary art should be appealing to the common man.


So I was amused by this creation from Vivek Vilasini. The postures of the burqa clad models had been reproduced to minute level details from what Da Vinci had painted.

I didn’t want to merely copy the image into a frame, what could I add to it ? That’s when this family walked into my shot. A welcome distraction to create balance in the visual. I wonder what each of them was thinking. Because this is contemporary art.


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