10072015: Ultima cena katzai


Caricature__Last_Supper_by_katzaiUltima cena di oggi: katzai

Presa da Devian Art da questo artista

Ecco il commento dell’artista:

The symbolism in the painting:

I referred to Leonardo’s Last Supper because of the human emotions and near symmetrical balance. In a way, it also echoes my love for art and the fantasy if one day I could paint something as grand.

I use sheep as the apostles as I think human may be too distracting in this case. Besides after all, everyone is or has been a ‘lost sheep’ one time or another, the apostles too.

The lion literally bind my two thumbs together. It shows that whatever that I can do or archive, it is only by His leave and grace, He has the ultimate control.

I use ordinary bread and cup (wine) to show that something as everyday can be used to signify and commemorate something as significant as one of the most sacred thing.


The facial expression is such that it is a mixture of joy and pain. The last supper leads up to the cross and subsequently the resurrection. The institution of Eucharist is definitely a cause for joy. Pain/anxiety, because that is what the disciples feel at the announcement of the Lord’s betrayal (besides shocked). On the other hand personally it’d also pain me to see what the belief has been subjected to in works of fictions and such.

Most of all, I suppose it is a story I want to share, something close to my heart. Perhaps I’d wish I’d have a part to witness both the real, historic last supper and the painting of that gigantic piece on the wall in refectory of the convent.


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