02102015: Ultima cena Grassa


imagesaaUltima cena di oggi: Grassa

Presa da qui. Ecco la spiegazione dell’artista:

“I thought it’d be nice to get the gang together for a friendly Thanksgiving feast. As it turns out even the holidays can’t overcome the strict boundaries here at the club. Oh well, no one said families were perfect 😀

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Back row: (left to right) Audrey, Big Red, Claire, Robbie, Talula, Alec, Nicole.
Middle row: (left to right) Jenelle, Charlene, Rick, Betty, Brent, Katie, me, Ben, Amanda, Amber, Chelsea, Jessica.
Front row: (left to right) Victoria, Leila, Milton, Vanessa, Cassie, Overweight, Clarissa, Mindy. “

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