02092015: Abbey Road PhantomessTerabithia


Abbey_Road_by_PhantomessTerabithiaAbbey Road di oggi: PhantomessTerabithia

Preso da DevianArt. Ecco la spiegazione dell’autore:
“I did it for you, internet. I did it for you.

This beautiful sonnuvahbitch took me almost 24 hours including sleep to do from start to finish with at least twenty layers in photoshop involved. But you know what? I don’t care. Because I love it and it’s cool and :iconawesomeplz:


Goddamn Music Meister. Times four. Recreating Abbey Road because that’s the popular thing to do with him nowadays. Forgive Bach!Meister’s sloppy lineart. I didn’t wanna fix it and I did it at 2AM this morning.

But anyway, I digress. ”


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